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Hell-o baby. im fra amelia. As you know im a good girl. Please dont be scared with me, i dont bite you :) Just give respect to get respect. Be nice okay friends! Kbye

Tick Tock :)

Meeeeeee ;)

Name: Nik Nur Farah Amelia bt Azmi
Birthdate: 30 November 1995

So, what type of person i am? Lemme see, I am talkative :) Seriously am. I do talked non-stop especially with the ones i am comfortable with. LOL. I am friendly. But its only happen if that person friendly too. I am a shy-type-girl. I didn't talk to people who dont talk to me first. Well, i am afraid that ill make them annoyed. So, whenever i go to any school, ill just diam :3 Hehe. Oh, i definitely not comel or lawa, I feel insecure everytime im with my pretty friends. Ha-ha-ha, i hate them for being so lawaaa. Okay, i am short. Everyone said so. Its okay, short people are cute kan :P wootwoot :) Hyperactive? Normal things fer me. When i go hyper, the only person who will have to berdepan with my hyper-mode is Daosh. Hahaha, nak buat macam mana. Me with him everyday kan. So nasib dia lah.

*Okay, i am out of idea right now. Ha-ha, i just can say that i am me. Get to know me first before judge me okay peep? Be niceeeeee with me :)