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Hell-o baby. im fra amelia. As you know im a good girl. Please dont be scared with me, i dont bite you :) Just give respect to get respect. Be nice okay friends! Kbye

Tick Tock :)

i miss you real bad.

Hi good morning to ollss my doveys && loveys :-) Today dah 22/2/2012. Hm lama nya masa bergerak. Amelia dah rindu sgt dekat Daosh ); This boy always know how to be real and loving at the same time. Thankyou for making me one of your important person in your life sayangg :) As i always said, you are a part of my life. Hihi ilaffchuu babyboo :-P 

P/S: Dear, please jangan tinggalkan orang k? Orang taknak kita gaduh2. Just like everyday kita asyik gaduh je. Dah lah dia jauh dari orang, but bby please do not tooo worry bout our relationship ok! No matter what happens i'll always love you, trust me. Hihi seriously org tak sabar nak tunggu dia datang JB. Cepat tau. Orang dah rindu terokk ni kat dia :(((